EAPES Vision


Chapter 4: Arrival on Earth.


The ark ships descended upon Earth’s atmosphere, their hulls glowing with the heat of re-entry as they hurtled towards the planet’s surface. But disaster struck as they entered the final stages of their descent, and one by one, the ships began to malfunction, careening out of control towards the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean below.

As the EAPES watched in horror, their hopes of a new beginning seemed to vanish before their eyes. The crash-landing scattered the remnants of their fleet across the ocean, leaving them stranded on a remote island far from the prying eyes of humanity. Stranded and unnoticed by humanity, the factions were forced to set aside their differences and work together to survive in this new and unfamiliar world.

Their arrival was met with both relief as well as trepidation, as they set about establishing a new colony on what they named EAPES Island.


Backstory coming soon.