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Unparalleled opportunity awaits

Embark on an unmatched journey with EAPES. Ranked as the leading project on MultiversX, a renowned top 50 global blockchain platform known for its carbon-negative ethos, EAPES heralds a new era of digital innovation.

Guided by seasoned leadership boasting extensive professional acumen and invaluable connections, EAPES unveils a visionary roadmap meticulously crafted to elevate the realms of economy, entertainment, gameplay, and digital asset ownership.

Sustainable Business Strategies

At the heart of our ecosystem lies a stable utility EAPES Token, empowering seamless integration between the digital landscape and real-world applications. Grounded in sustainable business strategies, EAPES presents an unparalleled opportunity for early investors seeking to capitalize on the burgeoning potential of digital worlds.




Redefining Engagement

EAPES is poised to unlock boundless opportunities within the digital sphere, enriching participant experiences with enhanced engagement, seamless digital-to-reality interactions, equitable asset ownership, and transformative benefits for individuals and businesses alike.




Driving Sustainable Growth

Our vision transcends the confines of blockchain communities, extending far beyond the EAPES Tribe to establish tangible connections with real-world applications and enterprises. This holistic approach not only redefines engagement and participation but also lays the foundation for sustainable growth, revenue generation, and community retention.

Citing research by Gartner predicting a significant surge in metaverse adoption by 2026, coupled with the burgeoning market projections exceeding $800 billion by the end of 2024 as reported by Bloomberg in December 2021, the allure of EAPES is undeniable. With its strategic foresight, EAPES stands poised to seize upon this technological revolution, fostering a seamless synergy between EAPES Island and real-world connections through innovative business and revenue generation strategies.




Join us!

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, where the digital and physical worlds converge to redefine the very essence of possibility.




How EAPES will thrive.

EAPES is poised for unparalleled success as it strategically engages with the eight pivotal layers of the burgeoning virtual economy. Our development goals promise not only immersive and distinctive experiences but also a vibrant community ecosystem where active participation in asset ownership, social interactions, quests, and gaming is encouraged, empowering individuals to extend their influence, expertise, and experiences beyond virtual realms into the real world.

Potential of the Virtual Economy

With the metaverse economy projected to soar to over $13 trillion USD by 2030, EAPES is committed to seizing the forefront of innovation and application within this transformative industry landscape.

Outlined below are the eight prominent layers of the new virtual economy we have identified, with the first five forming the foundation for first-generation metaverses, and the latter three serving as focal points for EAPES Island’s innovative initiatives and thriving growth:




8 layers of the Virtual Economy

corporate 8 layers

Unlocking Opportunities

Each of these layers represents vast opportunities for new business models and employment avenues in a truly decentralized economy. From virtual designers and architects to educators, economists, and healthcare professionals, the digital world ecosystem will catalyze the emergence of diverse roles and industries.




Leading the New Frontier

Just as the internet revolutionized technology, culture, and society in the 1990s, and social media reshaped communication in the 2000s, digital worlds stand poised as the defining revolution of the next generation.

We firmly believe that EAPES is positioned to lead this transformative wave by leveraging our understanding and strategic targeting of the eight layers of the new virtual economy.



At EAPES, our vision extends far beyond the boundaries of the digital realm. We recognize the inherent value in bridging the gap between the EAPES Island digital world and real-world business strategies, not only for our community but also for the broader global audience.

Central to our approach is the comprehensive EAPES master plan, meticulously designed to navigate the complexities of the new virtual economy. With a focus on the eight prominent layers of this evolving landscape, our strategy is underpinned by specific touchpoints that seamlessly integrate real-world applications into our digital ecosystem.


Bridging Worlds with Blockchain

In today’s dynamic economic landscape, the viability of closed metaverses is increasingly limited from a financial standpoint. As such, we understand the importance of exploring and cultivating profitable avenues that extend beyond the confines of the digital sphere. Our commitment lies in pioneering innovative tools and strategies that not only propel the growth of EAPES but also facilitate the seamless transition of our digital brand into a tangible, physical presence.




Beyond Boundaries

By leveraging blockchain technology and the unparalleled potential of EAPES Island, we aspire to bring a global audience into our fold, fostering engagement, interaction, and participation.

Our ultimate vision is one of seamless integration, where the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds blur, and the possibilities are limitless. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, shaping the future of digital engagement and real-world impact, one innovative strategy at a time.



Discover the groundbreaking initiatives shaping the future of EAPES on our newly launched Vision website. Gain insight into the significance of upcoming launches, including the highly anticipated 3D EAPES preorder and redemption process, which heralds a new era of digital ownership within the EAPES ecosystem.

To learn more about 3D EAPES and all the benefits.





Delve into our visionary mission and the immersive world of EAPES Island, where innovation meets imagination, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the transformative experiences that await.




Explore the intricate details of our utility EAPES Token, the driving force behind the dynamic circular economy propelling the EAPES ecosystem forward

To learn more about EAPES Token.

Navigate through the main sections of our Vision website to uncover comprehensive information about each initiative, empowering you to embark on an exciting journey into the future of digital engagement and connectivity with EAPES.


Commitment to Progress and Trust


Explore other EAPES initiatives beyond our forthcoming launches. As the premier project on MultiversX, we remain steadfast in our commitment to community engagement, innovation, and unwavering stability.

From our impactful Charity initiatives and transparent DAO Governance to our cutting-edge staking dApp with Community Map integration, EAPES stands as a beacon of progress and reliability in the digital realm. Moreover, as one of the select few projects legally registered in The Cayman Islands, we embody a commitment to legitimacy and trustworthiness unparalleled in the industry.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnering with esteemed industry leaders like Cyberdeck Studios, Cyberpunk Stake, C3 Studios, and operating in collaboration with xSafe, xMoney, XOXNO, and others through MultiversX, our ecosystem continues to expand and evolve.

Stay tuned for the imminent launch of our Raffles platform, offering thrilling prizes, and our Launchpad for partner project collection mints, which provides unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation.

New Frontiers in Engagement

Embark on an immersive journey through the rich backstory lore of the EAPES species, detailing their origins and remarkable journey to the distant planet Earth.

Harnessing the power of an open-sourced gaming platform, EAPES is set to unveil Battle Royale—an exhilarating arena for community engagement and enjoyment. Prepare for the thrilling CARDS Quest, an immersive and strategic quest-based mission in concept phase, and anticipate the arrival of dynamic NFTs, unlocking endless possibilities for fun and surprises.


HUB Zones and Other Worlds

Discover the EAPES Accessories store, offering a curated selection of both digital and physical goods to enhance your digital experience in the future. Our HUB zones within EAPES Islands present boundless opportunities for real-world applications and growth, while The Other Worlds HUB extends our reach beyond MultiversX and blockchain, captivating a global audience with our innovative offerings.

AVRI: Digital Asset Growth and Stability

Embarking on an ambitious mission, our Asset Value Reinforcement Initiative (AVRI) promises to revolutionize digital asset value management, ensuring sustained growth and prosperity for our ecosystem. Finally, stay tuned for the future launch of EAPES Creator Studios, where the realms of AR/VR and AI converge to unlock unprecedented utility and business applications.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we redefine the boundaries of possibility and shape the future of digital innovation with EAPES.

Seed Sale


Invest in EAPES now and seize the opportunity to be part of our exciting and calculated journey towards success. This strategic investment round marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for EAPES, driving our operational expansion, initiative development, product launches, and market penetration. By securing these essential resources at this crucial stage, we are poised to accelerate our path towards sustainable growth and prosperity.

Invest in the Future

As an investor, you have the chance to join us at the forefront of innovation, aligning your interests with our promising vision for exponential expansion. Recognized as the number one project on MultiversX, ranked among the top 50 global, carbon-negative blockchains, EAPES offers a unique proposition backed by a visionary roadmap focused on economy, entertainment, gameplay, and digital asset ownership.

Experienced leadership team

Led by an experienced leadership team boasting professional expertise and extensive industry connections, EAPES is well-positioned to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with confidence and agility.

Our stable utility Token serves as the backbone of both our digital realm and real-world applications, underpinning our sustainable business strategies and driving tangible value for our stakeholders.

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled investment opportunity with EAPES. Join us today and become part of a journey that promises innovation, growth, and boundless potential.

Your Opportunity

We are offering 5 Tiers starting from a minimum investment of $500 USD. Each Tier is represented by our Seed Sale SFT Tickets:

Lightning ($500 USD)
Wood ($5,000 USD)
Iron ($10,000 USD)
Platinum ($25,000 USD)
Gold ($50,000 USD)

There’s no restriction on the number of SFT Tickets a single investor can acquire. As you ascend the tiers, you unlock higher APY Boosters, enhancing the attractiveness of your investment. Early investors can enjoy compelling returns, with APY ranging from 14.00% to 24.50% over 12 months.


Receive Banana Point Bonus

In addition to lucrative returns, early investors are entitled to a special bonus in the form of Banana Points. These points are credited directly to your wallet upon minting the SFT Ticket. Banana Points hold value beyond the investment, as they are exchangeable for EAPES Tokens through our Banana Points Exchange Program, set to launch alongside the EAPES Token in June 2024. Furthermore, Banana Points open doors to exclusive opportunities such as the first 3D EAPES preorder and Raffles, granting investors a firsthand experience of our burgeoning EAPES ecosystem.


Our Seed Sale SFT Tickets will be available to mint on the EAPES Launchpad starting April 2024. Early adopters can seize the chance to participate by staking their Seed Sale SFT Tickets on our EAPES staking platform, commencing June 2024. During this process, the SFT Ticket is burned and converted to EAPES Tokens, with a brief Lock Up period of only 3 months, ensuring quick access to rewards. It’s important to note that APY Token rewards commence from day one of staking.

Experience a seamless journey with a Vesting period of 9 months, beginning in September 2024. Unlocking begins in Month 4 of staking, releasing 20% of the initial capital. Investors then have the option to:

1. reinvest for maximum APY,
2. stake in a standard EAPES Token pool for reduced APY, or
3. claim their tokens to their wallet.

Subsequent vesting periods unlock 10% of the initial capital, offering a steady progression towards full access to rewards for the last 8 months.

Download Process & Timeline .PDF

timeline SS Booster Staking



For your convenience, here are our document download links:

EAPES Whitepaper on Gitbook

EAPES Litepaper (22 pages). Now Available: Download


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