EAPES Vision

Investor Advisory

Investor Advisory and Disclaimer for the Private Seed Sale

Welcome to our exclusive space dedicated to the private sale, conducted on the MultiversX blockchain technology. To ensure a smooth and informed experience, it is essential to consult our “Investors” section at the following address: https://vision.eapes.com/investor/

For any questions or assistance, feel free to engage with our dedicated team through the EAPES Club Discord at discord.gg/eapes-club, or for direct queries, reach us at info@eapes.com. Please refer to our Docs page to access various informative documents such as flow diagrams and the Whitepaper.


Before You Dive In: Essential Considerations

Selective Access: This initiative is tailored exclusively for qualified investors, EAPES NFT Holders, and specially invited guests, ensuring a community of like-minded participants.

Age Conditions for Participation: Access to this private sale is strictly reserved for individuals who are 18 years of age or older. This measure ensures that only adults, who are legally capable of understanding and assuming the risks associated with investing in private seed sales, can participate in this initiative. We emphasize the importance for all participants to adhere to this age condition to maintain compliance with current regulations and to guarantee a responsible and secure experience for everyone.

Navigating Risks: The realm of Private Seed Sales, such as our SFT tickets, is thrilling yet fraught with inherent risks—market volatility, potential capital loss, and liquidity challenges. We urge only the investment of disposable income, and possibly, a consultation with a financial advisor to gauge your risk tolerance.

Informed Participation: Your decision to partake should be grounded in thorough research and understanding of the detailed information provided, including tokenomics, our sale process, whitepapers, and pivotal insights into the assets involved. A well-informed participation is a secure step towards acknowledging and navigating the volatile markets.

Firm No-Refund Policy: All transactions within this sale are final. Your acknowledgment of this policy is crucial, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful participation.

Upholding Security: We’re committed to securing every transaction and safeguarding personal information with rigorous measures. Your proactive security efforts, especially in managing private keys, complement our endeavors, setting a standard for optimal safety.

Adherence to Regulations: Your active compliance with all relevant laws and regulatory requirements, based on your jurisdiction, is not only expected but essential for a legitimate and trouble-free experience.

Flexibility of Terms: The dynamic nature of our sale, including ticket pricing and availability, necessitates adaptability. Rest assured, any significant changes will be promptly communicated to all participants.

Acceptance of Conditions: Proceeding with the purchase of SFT tickets signals your comprehensive understanding, agreement, and acceptance of the terms and risks outlined. It’s a testament to your diligent review of our detailed investor documentation and your informed consent to engage. Your venture into this private sale marks a significant stride, recognizing the depth of information critical to your investment decisions and embracing the responsibility to judiciously assess these risks.

Privacy Policy and Management of Private Information: We place utmost importance on the privacy and security of our participants’ information. In line with this commitment, we wish to inform you that we do not retain any private information beyond what is strictly necessary for the execution and tracking of transactions.

The only information shared and stored pertains to the details of transactions that are recorded on the MultiversX blockchain. These details are public by nature, due to the inherent transparency of blockchain technology, and are strictly limited to the elements necessary for the registration and verification of transactions conducted.

Our policy ensures that all personal information provided outside the scope of transactions, such as names, email addresses, or contact details, is used solely for the purposes of communication and assistance related to our private sale and is in no case retained longer than necessary or shared with third parties without your explicit consent.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and maintaining a safe and secure environment for all our users. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our handling of private information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.