EAPES Vision


Utility & Stability.

Introducing the EAPES Token: a meticulously designed utility token at the core of the EAPES ecosystem, engineered with robust short to long-term Tokenomics for unprecedented impact.

EAPES token represents a paradigm shift, unlocking unparalleled avenues for rewards, engagement, and value generation across both EAPES Island and the real-world. After a year of diligent tokenomics development, the EAPES Token emerges as a beacon of quality utility and enduring stability, with emissions being stable and slow over a span of 10 years, featuring the lowest total supply in the ecosystem.

This strategic approach ensures sustainable growth and long-term value for token holders.


Powering the Circular Economy of EAPES Island

The EAPES Token has been architected to foster a circular economy, delivering genuine value to its holders. Its utility transcends boundaries, serving as the lifeblood of commerce and prosperity in both the digital and physical realms.

First and foremost, the entire economy of EAPES Island operates on EAPES Tokens. From immersive events and entertainment to captivating quests, treasure hunts, and 3D asset preorders and enhancements, every facet of commerce and economic activity within EAPES Island hinges on the use of EAPES Tokens.




Bridging Digital and Real-World Economies

EAPES Tokens serve as the linchpin bridging EAPES Island with the real world. Business and Retail HUB Zones necessitate EAPES Tokens for real-world transactions, while our EAPES Launchpad leverages the token for preorders and future collection mints, extending its utility to a spectrum of initiatives including Raffles, Merch Store transactions, charitable donations, and operations at the EAPES Creator Studios.




Innovations for Sustainable Token Stability and Growth

Through collaborative efforts with industry leaders in digital currencies, tokenomics, and business analytics, the EAPES Token has been meticulously crafted for enduring stability. From passive rewards such as Banana Points for holding and staking digital assets to the innovative Banana Points Exchange Program (BPEP) facilitating seamless conversion to EAPES Tokens, our ecosystem is fortified by safeguards including Banana Point halving events and a robust Token Burn System.

With a finite total supply and controlled circulation, the EAPES Token anticipates sustained demand, offering a balanced and stable digital currency experience for our valued holders.

The eagerly awaited EAPES Token and Banana Points Exchange Program (BPEP) are slated for launch in June 2024, marking a pivotal moment in our journey towards redefining digital currency dynamics.







Designed to power the EAPES Ecosystem.

The EAPES Token lies at the core of our ecosystem’s circular economy, serving as more than just a digital currency. Designed with purpose and intention, it seamlessly integrates into both the EAPES Island digital world and real-world applications, adding tangible value and utility every step of the way. Unlike tokens launched without clear utility, the EAPES Token is purpose-built to incentivize user participation and drive ecosystem growth from its inception.

Built on pillars of stability, growth, sustainability, and balance, our tokenomics framework prioritizes the delicate equilibrium between supply and demand. From the outset, we envisioned a token with diverse use cases, woven intricately into every facet of our ecosystem.

Community Engagement and Utility

On the community front, EAPES Tokens are indispensable, serving as the gateway to participation in raffles, auctions, Launchpad mints for partner projects, and charitable donations. Future endeavors such as the exhilarating Battle Royale gameplay and the innovative EAPES Creator Studios are fueled by EAPES Tokens, transforming digital assets into immersive experiences through cutting-edge AR, VR, and AI technologies.






Circular Economy and Token Utility

The EAPES Token forms the backbone of our circular economy on EAPES Island, facilitating the preorder and purchase of digital assets, including 3D EAPES, residential and commercial land, houses, and businesses. Additionally, essential business tools such as job and business directories, asset customization, and management require EAPES Tokens. Meeting spaces, offices, and conference rooms are available for rent, empowering participants to conduct business and forge connections within our vibrant community.

Real-world Integration and Merchandising

The introduction of The HUBS zones represents a groundbreaking concept, where real-world applications, connections, and business transactions are seamlessly conducted using EAPES Tokens. Our EAPES Merch and Accessories stores, offering a blend of digital and physical products, are also powered by the token, further expanding its utility.

Lastly, EAPES Token serves as the primary currency for commerce on EAPES Island, enabling participants to shop, learn, play in immersive quests and games, and attend a myriad of events, conferences, exhibitions, parties, and competitions.


Join us as we unlock the full potential of the EAPES Token, driving innovation, connectivity, and prosperity within our dynamic ecosystem.


Balanced Mechanics.

Allow us to present the comprehensive tokenomics framework for our upcoming EAPES Token. This meticulously designed structure encapsulates the intricate mechanics and principles that govern the functionality, distribution, and utilization of our utility token within the dynamic EAPES ecosystem. Dive deep into the details to gain an understanding of how the EAPES Token serves as the cornerstone of our platform, driving value creation, fostering community engagement, and unlocking a myriad of exciting opportunities for our users both within EAPES Island and extending out to real world applications.


Introducing the unlocked EAPES Token staking pools, designed to empower token holders with the opportunity to generate passive income through enticing APY rates.

Unlike traditional staking mechanisms, our EAPES Token staking pools offer unparalleled flexibility, as tokens are not subject to locking periods.

However, it’s important to note that an unbonding period applies before holders can transfer their tokens, ensuring the security and stability of the staking process. More information will be provided prior to the EAPES Token launch.





Banana Points & Halvings

Banana Points is an innovative points-based rewards system exclusive to the EAPES project, designed to incentivize holders who stake their digital assets. By staking their original 2D EAPES and Island Relic collections via the EAPES dApp, participants can effortlessly accumulate Banana Points, unlocking a pathway to passive rewards.

Expanding Engagement

In addition to staking, Banana Points can also be earned through exciting avenues such as giveaways, future raffles, and engaging contests, enhancing the overall experience for our valued community members. It’s important to note that Banana Points are tied to individual user accounts and cannot be transferred between wallets, ensuring the integrity of the rewards system.

Introducing Liquid Staking and BPEP

The scope of Banana Point rewards system is set to expand to encompass EAPES Island digital world assets. Through the innovative concept of liquid staking, holders of metaverse assets such as 3D EAPES, land, housing, and more will have the opportunity to passively earn Banana Points. It’s important to note that while these points offer valuable rewards, they cannot be transferred between wallets, ensuring the integrity and security of the EAPES ecosystem. More details will be provided prior to the 3D SFT Box preorders.

With the upcoming launch of the Banana Points Exchange Program (BPEP), participants will have the opportunity to seamlessly exchange their accumulated Banana Points for valuable EAPES Tokens, further enhancing the utility and value of their rewards.






Pioneering Deflation and Stability

Banana Halvings represent deflationary milestones within the EAPES ecosystem. These events not only serve to reduce the supply of EAPES Tokens over time through controlled emissions but also play a pivotal role in fostering price stability within the market.

The inaugural Banana Halving event took place in November 2023, halving Banana rewards and signaling the next phase of our rewards ecosystem. Looking ahead, the next Banana Halving is scheduled for April 2025.






Banana Points Exchange Program (BPEP)

Unlock the power of your Banana Points with our exclusive Banana Points Exchange Program. It’s your gateway to seamlessly convert your reward points into valuable EAPES Tokens, offering you unparalleled opportunities to elevate your EAPES ecosystem experience.

The exchange ratio for the BPEP will be set at 10:1 concurrent with the launch of the EAPES Token in June 2024. In other words, every 10 Banana Point rewards may be redeemed for 1 EAPES Token.


chart banana points issuance

BPEP(O) for Non-Metaverse Asset Exchange

The Banana Points Exchange Program, or BPEP, offers two distinct exchange pathways tailored to meet the diverse needs of our community. The first pathway, known as BPEP(O) for ‘Original’, facilitates the exchange of Banana Points earned from our 2D EAPES and Island Relics collections. It’s important to note that this exchange is unidirectional, with Banana Points being exchanged for EAPES Tokens but not vice versa.

BPEP(M) for Metaverse Asset Exchange

In addition, we will also launch BPEP(M) for ‘Metaverse’, which enables the conversion of Banana Points earned passively through EAPES Island assets such as 3D EAPES, land, and housing into EAPES Tokens. Similar to BPEP(O), this exchange is a one-way street, providing an efficient mechanism for tokenization and value realization within the digital landscape.

Phased Reduction in Banana Points Exchange Ratio

As part of our commitment to transparency and sustainability, we will implement a gradual reduction in the exchange ratio between Banana Points and EAPES Tokens. This phased approach ensures a fair and equitable exchange process while maintaining the integrity of our tokenomics model.

The first BPEP exchange ratio reduction is scheduled for December 2025 where it will transition from 10:1 to 5:1. Consequently, commencing in mid-December, every 5 Banana Point rewards may be redeemed for 1 EAPES Tokens.

More information will be provided prior to the EAPES Token launch.





Token Burn System | Balanced Mechanics

Another deflationary mechanism embedded within the EAPES Token ecosystem is our Token Burn System (TBS). Whenever EAPES Tokens are utilized either within or outside the EAPES Island digital world, a staggering 50% of these tokens are permanently removed from circulation through a burning mechanism.


Enhancing Scarcity and Stability

This strategic burning mechanism serves a dual purpose: firstly, it effectively reduces both the circulating supply and the total supply of EAPES Tokens, thereby enhancing their scarcity and increasing their desirability among holders.

This, in turn, contributes to greater price stability, offering reassurance to token holders and bolstering the long-term value proposition of the EAPES Token.

Reinvesting in the Community: Allocation of Unburned EAPES Tokens

Of the remaining 50% of unburned EAPES Tokens, a large portion is allocated to directly benefit the EAPES community through various channels, including passive rewards, engaging giveaways, exciting contests, and other interactive events.

This commitment to rewarding our community ensures ongoing engagement and fosters a sense of belonging within the EAPES ecosystem.

Securing Future Growth: Strategic Allocation to the EAPES Treasury

Furthermore, a portion of the unburned tokens is allocated to the EAPES Treasury, where they are strategically deployed to further the development and expansion.

This investment in the future ensures the continued growth and sustainability of the platform, cementing its position as a leading force in the digital landscape.

More information will be provided prior to the EAPES Token launch.




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