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Introducing the EAPES project, a pioneering collection of 10,000 2D apes residing on the MultiversX blockchain. Since our inception in January 2022, EAPES has swiftly risen to prominence as the premier project on the blockchain, boasting unrivaled volume, sales figures, and community engagement. Garnering prestigious awards and accolades, EAPES has cemented its status as a distinguished brand within the MultiversX ecosystem.

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Our recent incorporation in The Cayman Islands signifies a remarkable accomplishment, underscoring our unwavering commitment to innovation and redefining the landscape of digital asset ownership. With a bold vision, EAPES embarks on a dynamic roadmap poised to shape the next decade.




Our meticulously crafted roadmap delineates our strategic initiatives, encapsulating our dedication to continual growth and evolution. As we propel forward, we are thrilled to unveil our Vision website, showcasing compelling details about the evolution of EAPES, including the transition to 3D avatars, the immersive EAPES Island experience, the innovative EAPES Token, and the captivating backstory Lore.

We are also pleased to announce the imminent release of our comprehensive EAPES Whitepaper, a testament to our commitment to transparency and innovation.

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Unlocking Digital Frontiers.

The advent of 3D EAPES marks an exciting evolution, enabling interactive participation in digital realms, notably the expansive EAPES Island. Here, boundless opportunities for social interaction, gameplay, professional endeavors, entertainment, and revenue generation await.

Central to our ecosystem, the EAPES Token fuels a dynamic circular economy, bridging the virtual and real worlds seamlessly. Our captivating Lore adds depth and intrigue, weaving a narrative that traces the origins of the EAPES species and forecasts their ambitious trajectory.

We extend our gratitude for your interest in EAPES and invite you to embark on this exhilarating journey with us. Together, let us revel in the endless possibilities that lie ahead.


Framework for the New Virtual Economy

EAPES has developed a comprehensive framework tailored to the dynamics of the emerging virtual economy, comprising eight pivotal layers. This is called the 8 Prominent Layers of the New Virtual Economy. The first five layers lay the foundation for most of the first generation of digital worlds, identifying the essential components for the development and short-term viability for these projects.

However, it is within the upper three layers of the framework that EAPES distinguishes itself, prioritizing the establishment of Virtual Hubs. These Hubs are strategically designed to capture authentic retail and business operations within the virtual landscape. This is where EAPES aims to bridge the gap between the digital and real worlds – not only for the EAPES community but extending its impact to a much broader global audience.

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EAPES, emerging from a concept of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), emphasizes Virtual Identity through a collection of artistic profile pictures. Virtual Assets, enabled by blockchain and NFT technologies, allow ownership and exchange of digital assets. Banana Points and EAPES Token serves as the primary medium of exchange within their digital realm, or Virtual Currency, supported by advanced metrics.

Virtual Society and Entertainment prioritize user engagement, offering diverse experiences across EAPES ecosystem including interactivity, gameplay and entertainment. Virtual 3D Worlds represent the evolution of digital lifestyles, with EAPES aiming to lead in this growing market.

Most importantly, Virtual HUBS will bridge digital and physical realms, offering innovative opportunities and experiences within EAPES Island.

Virtual Marketplace HUBS offer a transformative shopping experience, allowing users to seamlessly purchase real-world items, engage in virtual try-on experiences, and interact with customer support representatives in real-time. This transcends traditional e-commerce, enabling the buying, selling, and trading of both digital and physical goods.

Virtual Business HUBS provide opportunities for businesses to engage in real-time interactions, virtual training, and immersive experiences for customers and clients. This technology enhances efficiency and effectiveness in delivering tailored services without the need for physical presence in traditional office environments.

Virtual Innovation HUBS foster technology incubation and innovation in digital realms, focusing on VR, AR, AI, and blockchain. These hubs offer essential resources, mentorship, and networking for developers and entrepreneurs, driving the convergence of technologies and shaping the future of the virtual economy.

These initiatives aim to reshape digital environments and provide unique and productivity-enhancing experiences for users while fostering innovation and connectivity.

EAPES Vision

The EAPES project vision extends far beyond the boundaries of the digital realm. We recognize the inherent value in bridging the gap between the digital world and real-world business strategies, not only for our community but also for the broader global audience.

EAPES commitment lies in pioneering innovative tools and strategies that not only propel the growth of the project but also facilitate the seamless transition of their digital brand into a tangible, physical presence.

By leveraging blockchain technology and the unparalleled potential of EAPES Island, we aspire to bring a global audience into the fold, fostering engagement, interaction, and participation. Their ultimate vision is one of seamless integration, where the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds blur, and the possibilities are limitless.

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It’s important to note that EAPES encompasses a diverse array of initiatives that extend beyond the realms of NFT collections and EAPES Island, demonstrating a commitment to continuous development and expansion. Among the multifaceted initiatives currently underway within the EAPES ecosystem are the following: digital platforms, decentralized application (dApp), community, EAPES Lore & Facions, Raffles, EAPES Battle Royale, EAPES Launchpad, Merch & Accessories store, DAO Governance, and the EAPES Creator Studios. These endeavors collectively underscore the project’s dedication to innovation, community engagement, and the cultivation of a dynamic ecosystem that fosters creativity, connectivity, and value creation for all participants. As the project continues to evolve and mature, these initiatives serve as pillars of growth, driving forward the overarching vision of EAPES.

Join EAPES on this transformative journey, shaping the future of digital engagement and real-world impact, one innovative strategy at a time.

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